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High Power Importers and Suppliers of sanitary, hardwares and electricals is one of the top company.

We offers specialized engineering equipment supplies and services.Our team involved with High Power has extensive experience in local and overseas procurement sourcing.We have to tie up with main Building Material Manufactures with different parts of world, that enable as to provide quality product at the most competitive rate prevailing in the market. Our basic motto is to provide complete satisfaction to our valued customers and that explain our success story. We are positively looking forward to join hand with you to establish and strengthen our business relationship

What we do

Our mission is to deliver the best value at competitive prices and serve our customers with the highest quality sales,
engineering and customer service through teamwork and personal dedication.

Oil & Gas Supplies

We Provide provides the services for Emergency oil spell Response, nitrogen services, as well as chemical cleaning,chemical de-scaling of heat exchangers,HVAC systems,valve servicing and supply of launchers/receivers.


Maritime Engineering & Equipments

We are the forefront of the specialised marine engineering & equipments industry, having earned a world-wide reputation as experts in
all aspects of structural service repairs and renewals.


Power & Refinery Equipments

We provide best-practice solutions and refinery simulation software to the refining industry. improve the effectiveness of existing assets increasing overall Refinery Energy Efficiency, and sustainably develop their workforce.


Our vision AND VALUE

Our Vision and Mission requires us to succeed by being Innovative, Driven and Honest with our:

  • People
  • Provide customer-friendly, recognised experts and thought leaders for our clients anywhere in the world
  • Portfolio
  • Innovate, own and use the most Advanced Technologies and Industry Knowledge in the areas of process technology
  • Productivity
  • Be a highly effective, modern and agile organisation that clearly demonstrates the best added value for money in the market

Our Business | Focused on Value

We empower you to deliver enduring excellence

We empower you to deliver enduring excellence in safety, profitability and environmental performance. HIGH POWER has been linking cutting-edge technology with consulting expertise to guide hydrocarbon processing companies to greater heights.


Our Mission

Our Mission requires us to succeed by being Innovative

HIGH POWER is dedicated to the design, operation and management of hydrocarbon processing facilities worldwide, empowering our clients with advice and technology to deliver enduring excellence in safety, profitability and environmental performance.